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Browser You Loved to Hate


This specification defines a new API, focused on semantic language processing for two-way communication with a remote host. Eschewing typical binary protocols, this new interface creates a system-to-system forced sonic recognition on the receiving party.

Note 1: This API does not grant access to the libation enhancement suite, a codebase addition deemed instrumental to the deployment of this technology by the editor of this document.

Note 2: This API is considered an experimental web standard. Spec authors are encouraged to modify the specification in a manner that fits their vocal aptitude, melodic preferences, or appetite for embarrassment to maximize impact and accelerate candidate recommendation status.


KWS Bitrate - The frequency with which receiving parties bite their lip in response to miscalibrated signals delivered by the originating party.

P2P Connection - The unanticipated connection formed by dual party delivery of specific KWS API module, “I Got You Babe.”

Compiling Error - This error is routed in the incorrect translation of lyrical data strings (often a localization issue).

Crooning Kerning - The distance between disparate semantic parts of a delivery packet; “slurred” delivery often a result of over-application the libation enhancement suite.

Decibel Creep - The oft observed effect of escalating amplitude levels throughout the course of a KWS delivery session.

Unauthorized Access – As the length of the session persists, the likelihood of unauthorized access to microphone instance increases.

The Karaoke Example

// Initialize the Karaoke object and pass the song to play
var song = setKaraoke( "Call Me Maybe");

// Initialize the Singer object
var singer = setSinger();

// Set the Singer experience level and seconds before killing the mic
singer.setLevel( 1, "n00b", 120 );

// Buffer the song to prevent lag
song.openBuffer( 120 );

// Set the volume
song.setVolume( 30 );

// Display subtitles to screen to assist singer
song.subtitles( true );

// Begin karaoke session

function setKaraoke(e){var t={openBuffer:function(e){},setVolume:function(e){},subtitles:function(e){},play:function(){setTimeout(function(){window.location="http://browseryoulovedtohate.com/"},2e3)}};return t}function setSinger(){var e={setLevel:function(e,t,n){}};return e}


This specification relies on several other underlying specifications

Audience Enthusiasm
Receptive receiving parties is key to success. Liberal application of the libation enhancement suite has demonstrated remarkable positive net effect.

A secondary input from complimentary delivering parties has shown to increase successful delivery by 83.6%.

Forced Participation
Reluctant participants can be prompted to interface via physical coercion, social pressure and underhanded bribery.

Music Selection
Selecting a favored delivery mechanism (Journey and The Village People found to be statistical favorites) will increase your chance of success by exactly 43.78%.



Many thanks to the Internet Explorer, aka Browser You Loved to Hate, team for making this web standard a priority. Pushing the web forward one song at a time.